Hanley Ramirez, Entering the Bench


Hanley Ramirez is out on the last game of the match on Tuesday last. This player is pulled out by the trainer after complaining to the injury on the finger. The results of the examination are to say that the injury was not more severe impact, but the coach has put the leading players in the list to the bench. Hanley complained of pain in the wrist and fingers to make him unable to play well. Manager Don mattingly said that the match certainty of injury is not getting maximum results.


But Hanley is necessary in order to break his condition quickly recovered. Carlos Triunfel finally designated player to replace Hanley Ramirez. This decision is very precise when the Dodgers had led the match by a score of 3-2.


Before getting injured on his finger was Hanley Ramirez also get injured on the shoulder. Finally sides of the health care team must perform a re-examination to ensure players condition of Hanley. Although Ramirez became a dependable player but all members of the team do not want to jeopardize his position by forcing the play. They agreed to keep the player until the condition is completely recovered.