A selection of guests’ comments taken from the newspapers and our homepage:


“Elegant, exciting, rich in musical highlights, stirring. A pleasure and an obligation to hear for all the jazz fans!” 

Marina Yanovsky/’Vesty’ 

“GOSPEL-JAZZ – is this year’s best put together concert on the Israeli jazz scene…great, amazing, perfect, gripping and exciting…” 
Dubi Yarhi / ‘Walla’ jazz forum manager 

“AMAZING!!! I have been a jazz fan for several years, and in addition to the exceptional performance of Ofer, Iris and the musicians’ ensemble, it was just wonderful to discover that there are young people who are connected to this kind of music and have such impressive vocal abilitys…” 

“As a crazy fan for spiritual blues and all that is black, I was amazed by the blessed talents that I saw on stage. I have to admit, there were parts that brought tears to my eyes and of course, Iris is the greatest on the jazz scene. 
“Well done, Ofer, don’t stray from the path, you guys are great!!!” 

“I was at your recent show in Einav Center (this was my fourth time) and I just can’t get enough from these performances. By the way, my family and girlfriend, who has gone three times, had a great time. When are you coming out with a gospel disk?” 
“This is the second time that I viewed this performance. The first time was in the month of August on the ‘nice-view boardwalk’ in Haifa. At the first performance I was astonished to find out that there exists in Israel an ensemble that is so all-around good: The material that was chosen, the excellent and sophisticated arrangements and the fine performance. The real gem was the Round Midnight. Is there a possibility that you will make a C.D. of the show’s songs?” 

“I enjoyed such a tremendous excitement from the show in Arad. Unbelievable that Israel revealed such a quality show, blessed with talents.” 

“I must have heard every version of ‘Round Midnite’, but this was the best, yes I mean it! I actually had tears in my eyes it was so moving!!” 

“We were at your show last night in Reut. An amazing experience. We are coming again to Givatayeem. Keep up the good work!” 

“When I see you in action, I am encouraged, I understand that the jazz in Israel is not dead.” 

“I have never so much enjoyed a performance so delightful and stirring as this one!”

“The combination between a creative relationship with the audience and in the same breath to create a performance to the audience, to be carried out by you in a special way that you don’t see in any performance. From the show, you can get a variety of professionalism, warm-heartedness, and simplicity that no words can describe. Thank you very much for the pleasurable and special night. Keep up the good work.” 

“Amazing…I just got back from another show of gospel jazz and I’m just stunned…Thank you very much to all of you. It was great.” 

Iris & Ofer Portugaly with the Gospel Choir


The unique husband & wife team of Iris & Ofer Portugaly, both accomplished musicians & leading members of the Israeli Jazz community, assembled a first-rate combo and a top-notch Gospel choir. Together they present a unique blend of Jazz, Gospel and original compositions inspired by these genres. The Gospel ensemble made its debut at the 2001 Red Sea Jazz Festival and performed at last year's Arad Festival. Additionally, they have cooperated with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. A true celebration of exciting music! 

The Musicians:
Iris Portugaly - lead vocals; Ofer Portugaly - piano; Steve Peskoff / Yotam Silberstein / Ori Ben Zvi - guitar; 
Oded Goldshmidt / Uri Kleinman - bass; 
Amir David / Ran Levanon - drums. 

Sopranos: Ofra Ofer, Orit Hillel, Liora Hanukoglu-Gonzalez, Ariella Abrahamson, Liron Peled ;
Altos: Adi Hirshhorn, Efrat Sosner, Ayelet Chen, Nomi Zisblat; 
Tenors: Liran Kopel, Dvir Cafri, Sagiv Cohen ; 
Bass: Jonathan Shapira 
Guest Artists on CD:
Eli Degibri - saxophone, Gavriel Butler - vocals


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